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Welcome to Strafe, where cybersecurity steps up to combat emerging threats. Founded by a team of seasoned penetration testers and former military cyberwarfare experts, we are a cutting-edge penetration testing company. We are committed to providing our partners with full-scope security support, going through the penetration testing process, remediation guidance, and long term consulting.

Strafe Cyber Security

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In an era where the world is seamlessly interconnected, and the digital landscape is marred by an unprecedented surge in cybercrime, hacktivists, and advanced persistent threats (APTs), Strafe Cybersecurity emerges as a beacon of cybersecurity resilience. Our mission is to empower our partners to fortify and safeguard against the relentless tide of evolving threats, ensuring the digital foundations of businesses remain secure, resilient, and prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

Here are reasons why to choose us:

Strafe Cybersecurity is confident that we are the best choice for your offensive security needs.

Strafe Cyber Solutions

Empowering Security, Protecting Your Digital World.

Strafe Cybersecurity delivers a comprehensive range of services tailored to bolster organizational cybersecurity. We offer Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Malware Emulation, Security Awareness Training and more.

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Penetration Testing Services

Strafe Cybersecurity provides targeted Penetration Testing services, utilizing advanced methods to simulate real cyber threats. Our assessments identify vulnerabilities in systems, networks, and applications, offering actionable insights for clients to strengthen their defenses effectively.

Red Teaming

Strafe Cybersecurity’s Red Teaming, employs advanced TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures), and strategically assesses an organization’s security resilience. Simulating real-world cyber adversaries, this service identifies vulnerabilities, evaluates incident response capabilities, and gauges the effectiveness of security controls, offering invaluable insights that go way beyond traditional pentesting.

Custom malware Emulation

Our skilled professionals craft sophisticated, non-destructive malware emulations that closely mimic the behavior of real threats. These simulations are specifically designed not to cause any actual harm but rather to improve your ability to detect and respond to malware behavior.

Security Awareness Training

Tailored to address the latest threats and compliance requirements, our training modules cover a spectrum of topics, from phishing awareness to secure data handling practices. Elevate your organization’s defense against cyber threats by enlisting Strafe Cybersecurity for expert-guided, engaging, and proactive Security Awareness Training.