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Internal Network Assessment

Strafe Cybersecurity's Internal Penetration Testing services—a strategic defense against threats that may lurk within your organization's digital boundaries. At Strafe, we employ a meticulous and comprehensive approach to secure your internal network, ensuring that potential vulnerabilities are identified, assessed, and effectively mitigated.

External Network Testing

Strafe Cybersecurity offers world-class external threat emulation. We bring a comprehensive and sophisticated approach to securing your organization's perimeter, ensuring that potential vulnerabilities are identified, understood, and effectively mitigated.

Web Application Assessment

Our seasoned professionals employ cutting-edge methodologies, combining comprehensive vulnerability assessments with simulated attacks to identify and rectify potential security flaws. With a focus on precision and thoroughness, we provide actionable insights, helping you enhance your web application's resilience against cyber threats.

Social Engineering

At Strafe, we recognize that in the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, human factors play a pivotal role. Our specialized approach ensures that your organization is fortified against social engineering tactics through innovative and targeted phishing and vishing testing methodologies.

Custom malware Emulation

Our skilled professionals craft sophisticated, non-destructive malware emulations that closely mimic the behavior of real threats. These simulations are specifically designed not to cause any actual harm but rather to improve your ability to detect and respond to malware behavior.

Security Training

Tailored to address the latest threats and compliance requirements, our training modules cover a spectrum of topics, from phishing awareness to secure data handling practices. Elevate your organization's defense against cyber threats by enlisting Strafe Cybersecurity for expert-guided, engaging, and proactive Security Awareness Training.

Red Teaming

Strafe Cybersecurity's Red Teaming, employs advanced TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures), and strategically assesses an organization's security resilience. Simulating real-world cyber adversaries, this service identifies vulnerabilities, evaluates incident response capabilities, and gauges the effectiveness of security controls, offering invaluable insights that go way beyond traditional pentesting.

Wireless Security Assessment

In an era where wireless networks are integral to daily operations, our specialized approach ensures that your wireless environment is not only secure but resistant to the sophisticated tactics employed by cyber adversaries. We validate the security of WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID and other wireless technologies.

“Offensive operations, often times, is the surest, if not the only means of defense” — George Washington