In an era where wireless networks are integral to daily operations, our specialized approach ensures that your wireless environment is not only secure but resistant to the sophisticated tactics employed by cyber adversaries. We validate the security of WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID and other wireless technologies.

Wireless under siege

Precise Wireless Enumeration
Strafe Cybersecurity kickstarts Wireless Penetration Testing with a focused reconnaissance of your wireless environment. Our seasoned engineers meticulously analyze access points, device connections, and potential vulnerabilities. This precision-driven approach lays the groundwork for an in-depth assessment, addressing specific aspects of your wireless landscape.
Comprehensive Vulnerability Identification
Strafe’s Wireless Penetration Testing extends to the active detection and analysis of rogue access points. Our engineers proactively seek out unauthorized devices in your environment, ensuring that only trusted and authorized devices are hosting wireless network services. This vigilant approach prevents potential security breaches and unauthorized access points from compromising the integrity of your network.
Encryption Strength Analysis
Strafe Cybersecurity conducts a thorough assessment of encryption protocol strength in your wireless networks. From WEP to WPA3, our engineers evaluate the effectiveness of encryption methods, identifying any weaknesses that might expose your network to potential threats. This ensures that your wireless communications remain secure, guarding against eavesdropping and unauthorized access.
Vulnerability Exploitation and Impact Assessment
Strafe Cybersecurity takes Wireless Penetration Testing to the next level with vulnerability exploitation simulations and impact assessments. In this phase, our engineers actively attempt to exploit identified vulnerabilities, gauging the potential impact on your wireless infrastructure. This hands-on approach provides a real-world perspective on the consequences of successful attacks, allowing for strategic and targeted remediation efforts.

Organizations with an online presence need a team of experts to give them the peace of mind to continue growing and excelling. We are confident that Strafe Cyber is the best option for you.

“Offensive operations, often times, is the surest, if not the only means of defense” — George Washington